Kisan Credit Card Yojana
This scheme is popularly known as Green Card scheme among the Farmers & provides hassle free loan to the Farmers on the cheapest rates of  interest for their main activity i.e. Crop Production & also to meet out their  personal & consumption needs to some extent.

All categories of farmers, who are permanently residing within service area of the branch and owning any size of Agricultural land, according the land ceiling act approved by the state Government, are eligible to avail loan under this scheme. The share croppers, Oral lessees & tenant farmers may also be covered under the scheme with certain restrictions.Fixation of loan limit:
Total loan requirement for the crop production is arrived on the basis of agricultural land available for crop production, cropping pattern, proposed by the farmers & the existing
scale of finance for the proposed crops. 25% of the total requirement for crop production, arrived in the aforesaid manner, may be sanctioned for the financial need to meet the expenses on allied activities like repairs of agricultural implements etc. Loan limit determined on the above pattern is sanctioned for the period of three years. However, renewal/review of the loan account is done annually.

This account is cash credit in nature & farmers can make transactions in the account as per their convenience.

The aggregate credit in the account during the 12 month period should at least be equal to the maximum outstanding in the account and no drawal in the account shall remain outstanding for more than 12 months.

Loan upto 1,00,000/- is available only against hypothecation of crops & creation of charge on the agricultural land, proposed for loan, is required in addition, if loan amounts exceeds C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\rupee symbol.JPG 1,00,000/-.

Rate of interest:
Interest only @7.00% p.a. is charged for the loan limits upto  3.00 Lakh & @ PLR p.a. for loans above  3.00Lakh.

Personal Accidental Coverage:
Every Kissan Credit Card holder is covered under Personal Accident Insurance Scheme as per guidelines of RBI/NABARD.

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