The Right To Information Act 2005

In terms of Section 5(1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, Allahabad UP Gramin Bank has designated the following personnel and their successors of the bank as the Appellate Authority for the whole bank, Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) for Head Office & Central Public Information officers for the branches/offices under the control of respective Regional Heads:-


Name of Appellate

Office Address

Telephone/Fax No.


Shri Ashoke Sarkar
 General Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
DM Colony, Civil Lines, Banda (UP)

Tel:  05192-221096,  
 220109, 220283,
221196, 221787
Fax: 05192-221463

All appeals against the
decisions of CPIOs.


Sl. No.

Name of CPIO

Office Address

Telephone/ Fax No.



           Shri P.K. Patra,             Chief Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
DM Colony, Civil Lines, BANDA (UP)

T el: 05192-220343, 220109, 220283, 221096, 221787 
Fax: 05192-221463

Head Office of the Bank at Banda.


Sri  Shashikant Sinha
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Lakhimpur Road, Naipalapur, SITAPUR (UP)

Tel: 05862-220508,220504
Fax: 05862-220497

Branches/ Offices under Sitapur Region.


Sri Ashish kumar Srivastav,   
  Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Katcheri Road,      BAHRAICH

Tel: 05252- 232106/231485
Fax: 05252-234834

Branches/ Offices under Bahraich Region.


Sri Mahiman Singh,
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office,LRP Road,

Tel: 05872-263307,263383,264127
Fax: 05872-262401

Branches/ Offices under Lakhimpur Region.


Sri A.K.Mishra,
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office,  Rath Road, ORAI

Tel:05162-252908, 252435
Fax: 05162-257840

Branches/ Offices under Orai Region.


Sri Dileep Kumar,
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Dr Bhargawa ki Kothi, Chilla Road,BANDA

Tel:05192-220443, 221834
Fax: 05192-220485

Branches/ Offices under Banda Region.


Sri B.N.Singh,
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Bharhuna Chauraha,   Varanasi Road,Mirzapur  
PIN Code -231001

Fax: 05442-246098

Branches/ Offices under Mirzapur Region.


Sri Ashok Kumar Pandey,
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Amanpur, Bedipuliya,  Karvi, Chitrakoot


Branches/ Offices under Chitrakoot Region.


Sri Rajesh Kumar,
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Gandhi Nagar, Mahoba


Branches/ Offices under Mahoba Region.


Sri A.K.Gupta,
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Jagannath Ganj, Sidhauli Road, Biswan (Sitapur)


Branches/ Offices under Biswan Region.


Sri Sanjay Mishra
Regional Manager

Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Hanuman Garhi,          Bhinga (Shrawasti)


Branches/ Offices under Bhinga Region.


The above Act is a Central Legislation. The main object and purpose of the Act is to provide right to all the citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authority in order to promote openness, transparency and accountability.

  1. The public Authority under the Act means any authority or body or institution of self- government established or constituted under the Constitution of India, any enactment made by Parliament and by notification issued or order made by Central/State Government. Accordingly Allahabad UP Gramin Bank with the approval of the Bank’s Board on 27.04.2010 has constituted the requirement set up under RTI Act 2005.
  1.  1. A citizen who desired to obtain any information under the Act is not required to give    any reason for requesting the information or any other personal details except those that may be necessary for contacting him. He shall make a request in writing along with fee to Central Public Information Officer (CPIO).

 2. Where such request can not be made in writing, CPIO shall render all reasonable assistance to the person making the request orally to reduce the same in writing.
 3. The CPIO is the authority for providing information to the person requesting the same under the Act.

  1. Where the application is made to a Public Authority requesting for information:
  2. Which is  held by another Public Authority.


  1. The subject matter of which is more closely connected with the functions of another Public Authority, to which such application is made, shall transfer the application or such part of it as may be appropriate to that Public Authority and inform the applicant immediately about such transfer but in no case not later than five days from the date of receipt of the application, it is clarified that our Bank as a whole is one Public Authority.
  1. 1. CPIO is required to provide the information on payment of fee or reject the request for any reasons specified in the Act within 30 days of the receipt of the request.

2. No fee shall be charged from the persons who are of below poverty line as may be determined by the appropriate Government.

  1. If CPIO fails to provide the information within the time limit as stated herein before, the information is required to be provide free of charge.

Rejection of request for information:

  1. Where request has been rejected, the CPIO is required to communication to the person(s) concerned:
  2. The reasons for such rejection.
  3. The period within which an appeal against such rejection is to be referred.
  4. The particular of the Appellate Authority.

Exemption from disclosure:

  1. 1. Different situations where exemptions have been made permissible u/s 8(1) of the Act are:
  2. Information, disclosure of which would prejudicially affect the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security, strategic, scientific, or economic interests of the State, relation with foreign State or lead to incitement of an offence.
  3. Information which has been expressly forbidden to be published by any court of law or tribunal or the discloser of which may constitute contempt of court.
  4. Information, the disclosure of which would  cause a breach of privilege of Parliament or state Legislature.
  5. Information including commercial confidence, trade secret or intellectual property, the disclosure of which would harm the competitive position of a third party, unless the competent authority is satisfied that larger public interest warrants the disclosure of such information.
  6. Information available to a person in his fiduciary relationship, unless the competent authority is satisfied that the larger public interest warrants the disclosure of such information.
  7. Information received in confidence from foreign Government.
  8. Information, the disclosure of which would endanger the life or physical safety of any person or identify the source of information or assistance given in confidence for law enforcement and security processes.
  9. Information which would impede the process of investigation or apprehension or prosecution of offenders.
  10. Cabinet papers including records of deliberations of the Council of Ministers, Secretaries and other officers.
  11. Information which relates to personal information the disclosure of which has no relationship to any public activity or interest, or which would cause unwarranted invasion of the privacy of the individual unless the CPIO or the appellate authority, as the case may be, is satisfied that the larger public interest justified the disclosure of such information.

      2. In the Act there is also ground of rejection of the request when such a request is for access to information which involves an infringement of copy right subsisting in a person other than State.

More than 20 years Old:

  1. The CPIO is not bound to provide any information relating to any occurrence, event or matter which has taken place or occurred 20 years before the date on which the request is made.
  1. Third Party Information:

If the information or record, or part thereof relates to has been supplied by a third party and has been treated as confidential by that third party, CPIO shall within 5 days give written notice to such third party to make submission regarding such disclosure. The submission of third party shall be kept in view while talking decision by CPIO.

  1. Appeal: a) The first appeal against the decision of CPIO is to be preferred within 30 days of receipt of the decision, before Chairman and Appellate Authority of the Bank.
  2. The second appeal against the decision of appellate authority is to be preferred within 90 days from the date of receipt of the decision made by first appellate authority before the Central Information Commission (CIC).
  3. Penalties:
  4. The CIC can impose penalty @ Rs. 250/- per day till information received subject to maximum of Rs. 25000/-.
  5. If the CPIO without any reasonable cause and persistently Commits the violation of duty under the Act, the CIC may recommend for disciplinary action against such officer.
  6. Fees: The Right to information (Regulation of Fees & Cost) Rules, 2005 has been framed relating to levying of fee. All the fees are to be paid by way of cash against proper receipt or by demand draft or banker’s cheque.

More than 20 years Old:

    • For making request for obtaining information Rs. 10/-.
    • For providing information: Rs. 2/- for each page (in A4 or A3) size of paper.
    • Actual cost or price for samples or models.
    • For inspection of records: a) No fee for first hour, b) Rs. 5/- for each subsequent hour (or fraction there of).
    • For providing information in diskette or floppy: Rs. 50/- per diskette or floppy.
    • For providing information in printed from: a) at the price fixed for such publication. Or b) Rs. 2/- per page of photocopy of extracts from the publication.

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